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Jersey Shore Alumni Club
In the early 2000s, ΔΒ Chapter alumni Steve Colvell '03, Joe Palazzolo '03, and John Van Brunt '04 worked to formalize the Chapter's alumni activities. To better help in organizing ΔΒ Chapter's alumni around central themes, the Jersey Shore Alumni Club was officially chartered by ΣΠ Fraternity on July 1, 2004. The purpose of the Club was to bring together ΔΒ Chapter alumni to rekindle the fire of brotherhood that began during their undergraduate years and to actively support the undergraduate chapter. After several years of success, the Club went dormant and ceased operations.

However, in August 2011, ΔΒ Chapter alumnus Bart Tripoli '04 organized a group of alumni who were unsatisfied with the lack of opportunities for ΔΒ Chapter alumni to get together. To help solve that problem, the Jersey Shore Alumni Club was reactivated with Bart serving as the President of the Club. He is joined on the Executive Committee by Kevin Phelan '04, Vice President; Jeremy Victor '15, Treasurer; David Schwartz '06, Secretary; and Mark Covello '11, Event Chairman. Members of Mark's Event Committee include Steve Colvell '03, Brett Stevens '08, and Anthony Zurica '01.

The Jersey Shore Alumni Club has organized several successful events including trips to Citi Field, local bar nights, and alumni tailgates at Monmouth University football games. If you are an alumnus of ΔΒ Chapter or live in the northern Jersey Shore area and you are interested in attending an event or helping to plan an event, please contact Bart via e-mail at bocie5970 [at] aol [dot] com.


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